About Skybird Yoga

Elizabeth established Skybird Yoga in 2015, when a beautiful space opened up in the Harbor Country area and she was asked to start a studio. She used her intuitive and artistic sensibilities to create a sacred space for all who walked through the door. Although at the end of the 2015 year, the space was closed due to changes that were being made by the owner of the building.

Elizabeth and Skybird were missed by many, so she decided to give Skybird wings! Skybird has taken flight and is now bringing yoga to different locations in her community and other locations in the Midwest and abroad. 




Elizabeth is passionate about inspiring people to be happier and healthier through a welcoming and accessible approach to yoga. Through her compassionate nature, skills and many years of experience - she will serve you to the best of her ability, as well as share her unique inspiration, wisdom, voice and heart.


Something for Everyone


Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned practitioner, Elizabeth is fully committed to serving you on your path of balance, joy and celebration of life. She is excited to offer our community a variety of yoga classes, workshops and events.


Come to one of her group classes, or schedule a private or semi-private session. Create your own group classes with family and friends, or bring wellness into your office environment. For special events or a special occasion — let Elizabeth assist in planning a yoga- themed event or celebration.


Symbolism of Skybird


Bird, feather and sky have deep symbolic significance in many cultures. Birds bridge the link between heaven and earth. Feathers are symbolic of messages from the spirit world and are extremely powerful in purifying the spirit and uplifting the soul. Together these symbols weave a story of freedom, communication with spirit and the expression of celestial wisdom.




Skybird Yoga is based in Sawyer, Michigan, but travels with the winds. Please check the site for current Class Schedules, Retreats and Events happening in the area and abroad. Stay tuned for Skybird pop-up classes. Also check out our Facebook Page for updates as well. www.facebook.com/skybirdyoga