Yoga - Class Styles

Elizabeth's Classes:

Elizabeth balances active sequences of movement and longer holding of poses to build both strength and flexibility in the body. Each class focuses on specific areas and issues while toning the system as a whole, giving special attention to alignment and taking care of oneself. Deep breathing and abdominal exercises work to fortify the core, helping students go deeper into poses and feel sensations that often go unnoticed—a great practice for clearing toxins from the system, healing from injury, relaxing the mind and energizing the spirit.

Yoga Basics:

This class covers basic moves, techniques for breathing and relaxation, fundamental yoga positions, plus helpful guidance for preventing and healing from injury. Ample demonstration, thorough instruction and hands-on assistance give beginner students all the basic building blocks to practice yoga. More advanced students will find Basics classes useful in deepening their practice, as well as being a relaxing and centering experience.

Yoga (All Levels):

Fun and moderately-paced with detailed alignment instruction, All level classes move through a wide range of breath work, seated and standing poses, moving sequences and some basic inversions. Elizabeth provide hands-on assistance and offer opportunities for students to “up-level,” beginning to work toward playing with more advanced poses.

Sound Baths:

No previous experience is required to attend. 

A sound meditation, or a sound journey. It's a healing experience through sound: crystal bowls, gongs, bells... The sound bath experience is about letting the sound take you to a deeper place making it easier to arrive in a relaxed state without complicating how to get there. Sound baths are a great way to get "in tune" with yourself, and many people turn to them for stress relief. 

The experience begins with each person lying down on a comfortable mat with an eye pillow. After a few minutes of guided relaxation and breath work the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession. The purpose, and our collective goal, is to induce relaxation and explore personal inquiry.

Breath Sessions: What is Breathwork?

We breathe every moment with very little awareness.
The breath is literally our lifeline to existence.
When the breath is arrested, life as we know it, on the gross, material plain, comes to an end.

When we increase our awareness around our breath we increase our connection to life, universal energy flow and G-d head intelligence.


The basic practice of working with the breath is rumored to be over 40,000 years old. There are thousands of sequences involving different holding patterns, separated by timed inhalations and exhalations. Each and every method opens portholes to varying levels of non-ordinary consciousness, mental and physical faculties.

Most familiar in the West perhaps are the Yogic Pranayams, which aid the physical, mental and subtle body for preventative disease control and or to prepare for meditation and Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breath Work, Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing, Vivation developed by Jim Leonard and many more variations of Yoga rebranded and labeled as discoveries made and developed by Western Practitioners .


The Breathwork you will experience here is not widely known of or taught in Yoga, Shamanism or as a portion of basic Spiritual Curriculum, but it should be.

Gentle Pranayam methods do not promote hyperventilation or re-traumatization.


 This practice is very powerful and need not be forced or practiced with any level of strain."