Past Events

PechaKucha Night is the emerging worldwide phenomenon that now is staged in over 900 cities worldwide. Thursday, July 21, 2016 Three Oaks PechaKucha Night Vol.3 was presented at the Acorn Theater before Open Mic! PechaKucha is a slideshow of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each with a live narrative. We presented eight PechaKucha’s at Vol.3. Each one is 6 minutes and 40 seconds long. Sponsored by E. Nuti Productions (, The Wish Deck ( and Indigan Storyteller. PechaKucha Vol.3 was followed by the Acorn’s Open Mic night at 8pm.

 "Sacred Waters Kirtan is a heart-soaring, energetic, expanding quantum force of merciful healing."

A cross-cultural musical experience in the languages of world religions, Sacred Waters Kirtan weaves a timeless devotional musical genre into a unique and  inspiring musical experience.  Using  rocking  world percussion to undersore call and response chanting with easy, repetitive melodies and joyous danceable rhythms, this kirtan sets free the chattering mind, deepens the breath, and creates a state of calm, where the Eternal Love that lies in each heart can unfold and open. 

~ June 2016 ~

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We all came here with something special to share with the world; it’s that inner spark or curiosity that lights up our hearts and lifts our spirit. 


We also live in a world where the logical mind and our external reality often run the show. Our society can teach us to value logical reasoning over all else. Sometimes our Inner World is forced to take the back seat. However, the Inner World is where our Intuition, True Nature, Creativity and Innovation live! 


This course is designed to get you back in touch with your Inner Voice and help you tap into something you wish to share with the world. We will then assist you in putting it together into a PechaKucha. 

This #InnerVoiceOut will help you tap into your creativity using Wish Deck ( We will encourage you to get creative, follow your curiosity and help you connect to that ‘something’. We will follow it up with guidelines and tips for a great story, imagery and delivery. It is designed to give you a win/win platform to tap inside and let your #InnerVoiceOut! 

~ April 2016 ~

Elizabeth Nuti is a PechaKucha Producer in Three Oaks, Mi





$6 Cover at the door. Wine and Beer


Direct from our Three Oaks Pechakucha event site:

Vol. 1 of PechaKucha Night in Three Oaks. We are over the moon about PechaKucha. If you haven't heard ... this story form style is now being presented in over 880 cities world wide. It is a simple form.... 20 slides on the screen for 20 seconds each with a live narrative. That's it. It's short, sweet, engaging and covers a wide range of content. PechaKucha is extremely popular and requires a license to be the provider in any given locale. Each provider commits to doing four PechaKucha nights per year. To get a better idea about this go to and watch a couple.


All of the presenters were local folks covering an interesting array of topics. PechaKucha is fun and easy to do. If you have a bank of pictures of your favorite thing ... from your cat to your kid... or Grandma or a custom car.... paintings .... landscapes.... you too can be a PechaKucha presenter.


I presented a PechaKucha on The Wish Deck Story

4 consecutive group classes
9:30 - 11:00am (edt)
at Nido Bianco
in Three Oaks, MI
April 2, 9, 16, 23  - 2016

An Introduction to YOGA

the Basics Series!

with yoga instructor

Elizabeth Nuti
The Perfect Place to Begin!
This class covered the basic moves, techniques for breathing and relaxation, fundamental yoga positions, plus helpful guidance for preventing and healing from injury.


Ample demonstration, thorough instruction and hands-on assistance gave BEGINNER STUDENTS all the basic building blocks to practice yoga.


More ADVANCED STUDENTS will found the Basics Classes useful in deepening their practice, as well as being a relaxing and centering experience.

April 16th, 2016
E. Nuti Event ~ West African Drumming Class
at Nido Bianco in Three Oaks, MI
5:00 - 6:30pm (EDT)
E.NUTI presented another community enrichment event! A cultural exploration into the native rhythms of traditional West African drumming.