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Wish Deck Insight & Navigation Card of the Week- August 9, 2016

Heart’s Potential/Desire Card & the Bull/Matador Card

As I was shuffling Wish Deck this morning, these two cards came flying out. Clearly its a two-card week! ✨✨ The combination of these two cards are very powerful together.

The first card, Heart’s Potential/Desire (on the left) is a more internal, energetic card. I often see it being representative of our Heart’s Desires or our Unexpressed Potential, and/or a Spirit Guide card. It contains the essential yin/yang energies for transformation.💗 This suggests that your hearts desires are actively singing out and are wanting your attention! Are you listening? What’s alive inside of you that you are desiring? Or what is wanting to be created?

The Bull and Matador Card on the right, leads us to take action. The matador with the red cape suggest that potential blocks might be preventing you from moving forward. The big arrow says its time to make your move forward!

So what are your blocks? What’s stopping you from moving forward? Follow the energy. Listen to your inner guidance.

The combination of these cards are suggesting that we are being called to take an active role in manifesting our hearts desires in the physical world.

Moving forward is not passive. It is an active empowered choice that frees us from what has been and allows us to move into a new space for new things to enter our lives. It might be time to hand over the painful past.

Have courage. Act. Trust your heart. Trust your Inner Voice. Trust the Divine Guidance that is supporting you. Call on the physical strength, confidence, stamina, determination and power of the bull while you simultaneously call upon the vulnerable energy of your heart and love to assist you in this powerful change.

Loosen your grip, unfasten your seatbelt and start taking giant baby steps in the direction of your dreams! "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." ✨🌟

✨🌟 Happy creating! ~E.Nuti

PS Remember that Wish Deck© is open to your interpretation.

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