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Aug 16th, 2016

I chose 3 cards this week, to get more insight into the current story that’s been


The cards message this week seems to be a continuation of last week. Again the Bull/Matador Card! This makes sense as the Full Moon is upon us. The seeds you planted at the New Moon are now manifesting!

The first card, Manifesting Abundance Card. It’s about moving from the ethereal conceptual phase to the physical reality. The open window is like the thoughts or desires coming into manifestation on the physical form represented by the abundance of food on the table. Whatever you have been wishing, wanting or desiring is now taking shape in your life. Recognize that you are a powerful creator. What you desire will manifest.

We are also moving from an old paradigm into a new one. The open window is bringing in the new energy.

The second card, the Bull/Matador Card. Keep your focus and your aim on the target. Move past old ways of thinking that prevent you from creating your reality. Stay steadfast.

Also remember that as we shift paradigms, it will challenge old ways, old thinking, past messaging. Stay with it to release old blocks. Move forward with the new.

The third card, Blind Faith. Moving into the unknown can feel scary but necessary for growth. Be willing to take steps in the direction of your dreams. Trust that all is unfolding. Follow your heart. Learn to move from a place love not fear.

When you feel doubt, reconnect back to these three cards for guidance… open your window to let the new in, stay steadfast and have faith not fear. Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Keep Shining!


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