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Wish Deck Navigation Card Reading for Aug 23, 2016

Aug 23rd 2016

Two-Faced Clowns/Tricksters

For most viewers this appears to be a mysterious, perplexing card... and that’s exactly what the trickster wants!

These clown-like characters include all and nothing, seriousness and jokes, happiness and sorrow, wisdom and stupidity. It’s difficult to discover exactly what message its bringing, until you discover what’s hiding and what needs revealing.

Physical reality is a game for the Trickster as they love to challenge us at every turn. The their job is to trick us into staying in the lower frequencies (greed, jealousy, hate, power struggles, lack of empathy). If we want to evolve, it is of utmost importance to recognize where we might be stuck and choose to reach for higher ways. Once our intentions become honest and pure they allow us to ‘pass through the gates’ so to speak, into higher realms.

To be emotionally challenged, is to listen to the voice of the trickster and live in a space of drama and negative emotions. To create balance is to live in the so-called ‘higher consciousness/god aspect' of who we are.

For example, when you manipulate someone, that is the trickster in you, showing itself. When you allow yourself to be manipulated, playing the victim, and remain stagnant in your life, the trickster aspect of you is in control.

The concept of the Trickster is as much a part of humanity's history as the concept of Spirit. All creational myths deal with polarity, good god vs. bad god, the duality of our nature and with each of us.

If you are seeking to evolve and grow, it’s important to get in touch with any aspects of yourself that live in the lower frequencies and work with that energy in order to evolve and grow. YOU make a difference. It starts with ONE!

So what does this mean for this week and the continuing story thats unfolding? 2016 is the year of purification. The Trickster is here to show us where he is living, what still needs to be revealed and freed.

New worlds or new realities can’t fully merge or come into fruition until the under-lying falsities and trickery are sorted out that are preventing things from moving forward.

Whether perpetrator or victim, either way it’s up to you to move through and make the ‘corrections’. Remember the trickster is like the gatekeeper to the higher realms. And once you pass through the gates, they can’t go with you. Become the observer, shine the light and make a conscious decision to EVOLVE.

You’ve got this!



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