Dearest yoga friends,


In 2015 I was asked to run a yoga studio in Three Oaks, Mi. With much enthusiasm, I opened Skybird Yoga. The space was beautiful and the synergy was amazing. We had some wonderful students, teachers and classes.


However, as some of you may know, Skybird had to close its doors at the end of 2015 because the owner of the building was ready for a change. 


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, 
but on building the new.” ~Socrates (Dan Millman)


And that's exactly what I did. Time to build the new! Skybird Yoga now has wings! I will be doing pop-up Group Yoga Classes, Workshops and Special Events in the Harbor Country area.


Check my Events Page or goto my Official Page on Facebook to find out 'What's Going On!'


I am continuing to offer: Yoga Privates, Group Yoga Privates, Group Classes and Reiki Sessions. E. Nuti and Skybird Boutique products will still be available (signed art, painted mandalas etc) at my barn studio in Sawyer.


Feel free to contact me for more info and/or to schedule a visit or private session.


Keep Shining! ~Elizabeth



Bird, feather and sky have deep symbolic significance in many cultures. Birds bridge the link between heaven and earth. Feathers are symbolic of messages from the spirit world and are extremely powerful in purifying the spirit and uplifting the soul. Together these symbols weave a story of freedom, communication with spirit and the expression of celestial wisdom.