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Wish Deck

by Elizabeth Nuti

Develop a connection to your Inner Voice and build your Emotional Intelligence.


These 58 illustrated cards created and illustrated by Elizabeth Nuti, will help.

The Wish Deck taps you into your inner world of emotions, feelings intuition and authentic voice.

With all images and no words, these cards help you access the language of your feeling center. The unique thing about these cards is that they don't have specific meanings because they are designed to elicit a personal response based on what is going on inside of you! They take you below the mental surface into your inner wisdom.

We are emotional beings! Many of us have not been taught how to identify and navigate our emotions and effectively communicate our feelings. In turn, we can feel disconnected from ourselves and others. Wish Deck helps us tap back in below the level of thinking, into the place of feeling. It helps us gain clarity and give voice to what's inside.


It's an effective tool that helps us find the way back to ourselves and one another.


Tune into a deeper level of yourself and learn to develop more effective communication, compassionate listening and empathy skills. 


Wish Deck™ is easy to carry, appropriate for all ages and is a helpful, fun tool.

Once you access your inner wisdom, you start to build your emotional intelligence muscle. 

IQ + EQ = a balanced life!

Use the cards for your own exploration into your inner world or with others at home, in the classroom, with friends or in a private practice. Pick a card at your next social event.


It’s a great conversation starter!

Artist Elizabeth Nuti
developed, created and illustrated Wish Deck™.  
Elizabeth feels that tuning into our inner voice, expressing our authentic self and connecting with others through empathetic communication and deep listening is key for our personal well-being and for the sustainability and future of our planet.  
She believes wholeheartedly that the Wish Deck™ is a tool that to help facilitate this positive change.


Wish Deck™ taps you into your inner world of feeling, emotion and inner voice, brings clarity and help you to express yourself as well as develop compassionate listening. It builds emotional intelligence! These cards will help you develop a deeper relationship with yourself and others.


Wish Deck can be used in a variety of ways and settings. From personal use, in the home, to the classroom, to your next social event. A convenient, portable conversation starter can travel with you anywhere. Use it at the dinner table, in a therapy session, with friends, or traveling in the car.


“Working with Wish Deck is a profound experience. Wish Deck is a tangible tool to access intuition and the subconscious. It provides an inspiring method for both group communication and individual discovery.”

~Katie Wall, artist and teacher

"In general I have a hard time identifying how I really feel because I can get so overwhelmed by my emotions. These cards help me tune in to what I am feeling and give it a voice. It's getting easier the more I do it. These cards have been an amazing tool in helping me trust and express myself. Thanks Wish Deck! " ~Anonymous


“I have worked with the Wish Deck many times and continue to receive much deeply inspiring and useful guidance… I highly recommend the Wish-deck to everyone.”

                                                                                                                                           ~ Daniel W, Entrepreneur, President of Global Tap

“When my nephew comes over, we always play the Wish Deck. He is still connected to his inner voice and it is such a joy hearing about his feelings and the magic of expressing himself. ”

                                                                                                                  ~ Dillon's Aunt 

"Some of my clients have a difficult time expressing themselves. If this is the case, I have them pick a card. It helps them to connect to what they are feeling and to open up. It's an effective therapy tool." ~ Nancy C, Therapist

“Using The Wish Deck has been extremely helpful in gaining deeper clarity. It’s truly amazing how one’s inner true self is brought forward to interpret these images. I am grateful for the wisdom that Elizabeth Nuti has brought to The Wish Deck."

                                                                                                                                                   ~ Ryan C, MAT Provider and Intrinsic Health Coach

“Self expression plays an important role in healing. The Wish Deck is a helpful tool that can assist counselors in their trade.”                                                                                                                                      ~ Kurt H, counselor and medical intuitive in energy medicine

“As a third grade teacher, I am always looking for concrete ways to introduce difficult strategies to my students. The wish deck is an exciting visual tool that helps me to teach effectively. The cards are engaging and create an authentic interest for my students’ learning. I would recommend the wish deck to all types of educators as a visual and communicative tool for instruction at various levels.” –Amy WV, third grade mentor teacher 



"Splay the cards, or reach in and just choose one...and suddenly a vibrantly illustrated picture is there before you, and you cannot help but be drawn in to such interesting scenes...worlds. There's a story there, and the story you find is actually yours to create! How fascinating, to see what it revealed to yourself about yourself or a situation. You become the storyteller! Through this fun process things open up that you would never have guessed were there. And how amazing it is to do on your own, as a quiet practice, or with a group of friends at a party! Or with the wonderous joyful energy we experience with children. The wish deck is an amazing communication tool, and can be taken as light-heartedly or as seriously as you WISH to go...
I draw a card every day, and see where my heart, my mind is or needs to go...."

                                                                                                                                                                                                - Jennifer W, Fine Artist


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