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Living Joyfully in Times of Uncertainty

An interactive online workshop with Barb Warren
Saturday November 21
2 - 3:30pm (edt)

In this time of uncertainty and tremendous change it benefits us to be consciously aware of what we’re feeling in both our

hearts and our physical bodies. Whether we realize it or not, subconscious emotions play a significant role in our lives - directing our words, actions and beliefs - and forming our day-to-day experiences.


The Lifeline Technique is a system for bridging the gap between the conscious and the subconscious mind.  A fundamental principle of it recognizes that stress in our life and imbalances in our physical health are actually opportunities for growth and transformation. Although we can’t change what life throws at us, we can choose how we react.  Join us in this interactive workshop to learn tools for shifting feelings such as anxiety, unease and frustration to those of gratitude, trust and love.    


Come discover the power of the mantra of Infinite Love and Gratitude. 


Feel it calm your senses and fill your heart with compassion and love for both yourself and those around you. 

About Barb
Barb is a certified Lifeline Practitioner and brings over 30 years of personal growth experience and intuitive studies to the table.  Her spiritual beliefs inform her everyday life as a successful business woman and are a personal touchstone around her own healing from cancer and other physical maladies. The interrelationship of the Body, Mind andSpirit is fundamental to her way of being and is a source of constant curiosity and magic.
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