Pink Lotus Flower

Nicole F

Thanks to Elizabeth, I found myself again. And not only did I find myself but I find myself on the next path of my life and that is all because of my time spent in Costa Rica with Elizabeth.  Her teachings, her words, her warmness, her kindness, her adaptability, and her authenticity, create a safe and beautiful space to feel your most you. I am forever grateful.


Love and light,


Purple Flower

Martha R

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the most enriching and engaging yogic experience of my life!  From the aromatherapeutic smudging ceremonies, to the inspirational incantations, to the soulful sound bathing, the sacred retreat nurtured me spiritually, socially, and physically.  Your skills are limitless and you share your gifts with such an open heart.




Martha R

Image by Anthony Ievlev

Trudy A

Elizabeth has managed to bring the welcoming yoga community that she created in Michigan to Costa Rica. She mixes golden nuggets of Buddhist philosophy with the practice of the physical poses of Forest Yoga, all the while reminding us that "advanced practice" is paying attention to oneself, even if that means just breathing. This year on retreat Elizabeth introduced us to the practice of Qi Gong as taught by Michael Mazel. It is an example of how she continues to learn and grow and to pass it on to her students.


Her online library and virtual sessions has been a godsend to many feeling isolated during the pandemic. However, for me, there is something magical about being able to attend a yoga practice in person, knowing I will encounter Elizabeth's warm greeting, and that of the yoga community .


Branch of Flowers

Cynthia J

Elizabeth's Tuesday class is very special... When I am finished I feel like I have activated mindfully every fiber in my body and her cues throughout the hour have helped me with my yoga practice in general. What's different is how this practice makes you very mindful of focusing and activating all of your muscles and not just one and it creates a constant circle of energy.  It makes passive poses feel dynamic but you aren't killing yourself in the process. As I said it is very mindful. When I have finished the hour, I feel like blood is flowing to every fiber in my body. I encourage all of you to try it.

Chicago IL

White Flowers

Carrie L

Elevate Your Being


Elizabeth Nuti is a conduit for inner peace, understanding and creativity! Whatever she touches blooms into something unique. Skybird Yoga is sure to elevate your being!


Santa Monica, Ca

Orange Flower

Laura F

Elizabeth is the best there is!

   Chicago, IL

Daisy Flowers

Daniel W

Highly Recommended!


Elizabeth is a very mindful and aware yoga teacher. I highly recommend her and her classes which are taught within a beautiful and peaceful space surrounded by nature.


Boulder, CO