Online + Outdoor  Classes


9- 10:15am ~ Level 1-2 


9- 10:15am  ~ Tune Up Tuesday 

Get stronger. Move more efficiently. Feel better. This yoga class incorporates slower movement with isometric activations to the asana practice that will wake up your muscles and strengthen connections to your body, mind and spirit. All Levels



9 - 10:15am ~ Gentle Flow 

Also known as 'Feel Good Friday' - a name lovingly given by long time students of this class. This gentle flow will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and 'feeling good'.  All Levels


10 - 11:15am ~ All Levels 



10 - 11:15am ~ All Levels 

We will be live streaming while simultaneously doing in-person, outdoor classes
(weather permitting)
Outdoor classes are being held @ the Friends of New Troy Community Center 
13372 California Rd, New Troy, MI 49119