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The Classes

Feel Good Friday

Also known as 'Feel Good Friday' - a name lovingly given by long time students of this class. Focusing on deep breathing to turn on your  parasympathetic nervous system, this gentle flow will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and 'feeling good'.  All Levels

All Levels 

Go with the flow!

Taking it at your own pace is always encouraged. 

Different options will be given so that you can challenge your edges skillfully. 


Tune Up Tuesday

Get centered. Move more efficiently. Feel better. This yoga class incorporates slower movement with isometric activations to the asana practice that will wake up your muscles and strengthen connections to your body, mind and spirit. All Levels


Level 2 

Based on the 4 foundational pillars of Strength, Breath, Integrity and Spirit. Take a dive deeper into breath, feeling and healing. Moving at a more swift pace, this class will get you strong in your body and mind. 

Elizabeth's classes aren't 'just yoga'. From her beautifully curated playlists to the way she guides you through the practice, her classes are a transformational experience start to finish ~ LMK

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