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 elizabeth nuti
yoga teacher, intuitive, breath work and sound healing facilitator, reiki practitioner and founder of Skybird YOGA

Elizabeth's extensive background in metaphysics, yoga and the healing arts has given her a solid foundation for supporting people in their own internally focused practice of personal growth, freedom, and discovery of the bodies innate intelligence to heal from within.


 She shares her practices and teachings through the vehicles of yoga, breath work, sound healing, intuitive mentoring and holding space, with an emphasis of how to carry a transformative experience off the yoga mat and into daily life.

Based in Southwest Michigan, she is the founder of Skybird Yoga and the creator of the Wish Deck.

Elizabeth leads multiple retreats yearly and believes taking time to reconnect back to center and nature, combined with beautiful destinations, healthy food, spa and longevity treatments, healing yoga classes, and like-minded community create unforgettable and impactful retreat experiences.

She is passionate about what she does and feels honored to facilitate sacred space for living an awakened life through holistic modalities and practices .

Katie Burdett Sacred Space.jpg

More than a form of exercise, Elizabeth Nuti's Skybird YOGA honors yoga’s core purpose as a path of self-realization and transformation, joining ancient wisdom with modern sensibility.

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