Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

Sound Journeys &
Transformational Breath Sessions

What is a Sound Journey?

A Sound Journey is a healing experience through sound, using vibrational instruments such as crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and drums. The Sound Journey experience is about letting the sound take you to a deeper place making it easier to arrive in a relaxed state without complicating how to get there.


These tones and frequencies can help you to get "in tune" with yourself, and many people turn to them for stress relief.

The experience begins with each person lying down on a comfortable mat. Guided pranayama (breath work) begins the session to help you connect on a deeper level. For the remainder of the experience, simply relax and allow the healing vibrations of the sound to 'bathe' you.


The purpose, and our collective goal, is to induce relaxation and explore personal healing and inquiry.


Please bring something comfortable on which to lie, including:

a thick workout mat, blankets or camping pads, pillow if you like and a water bottle.

We heal our planet and we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal our planet.

What is Transformational Breath?

Clear energy, create clarity and connect more deeply to the flow of life within.


Transformational breathing is a self-empowering and self-healing tool using your own breath. It works on 3 levels, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. It helps to raise and alter low vibrational energy patterns, helping you to feel more in control, less prone to stress and anxiety and feel better all around.


People often experience a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. 

If our breathing becomes restricted, we may find ourselves dealing with some sort of physical illness, feeling lethargic, or emotionally drained. Naturally, restricted breathing can be caused by emotional upset, as we hold our breath to prevent ourselves from being overwhelmed by our feelings. These thoughts and emotions are said to accumulate when you hold your breath which then get suppressed at a cellular level. Our unresolved emotions and low vibration energy patterns can affect the way we live our lives, therefore how one breathes is symbolic of how one lives life.


With practice, the breath will begin to flow more freely to assist with daily mental clarity, emotional freedom and resilience.

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