Yoga Practice


@ Friends of New Troy Community Center
13372 California Road, New Troy, MI
(5 minutes from downtown Sawyer)
Registration is NOT required for In-Person Classes. 
Please bring your own mat and props
Masks are optional

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Yoga Schedule

Tune Up Tuesdays (activation)
Feel Good Friday (gentle flow)
All Levels

Elizabeth's Tuesday class is very special... When I am finished I feel like I have activated mindfully every fiber in my body and her cues throughout the hour have helped me with my yoga practice in general. What's different is how this practice makes you very mindful of focusing and activating all of your muscles and not just one and it creates a constant circle of energy.  It makes passive poses feel dynamic but you aren't killing yourself in the process. As I said it is very mindful. When I have finished the hour, I feel like blood is flowing to every fiber in my body. I encourage all of you to try it.

Cynthia J.