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soul mapping

Soul mapping is a process of getting information and direction that is not readily available to your everyday waking awareness.


Inside you and inside me is a path. There is something that you are here to do and there's a paticular way you are here to do it. The trouble is most of us don't know how to access it, we don't know how to read our own map. 


We grow up with the maps or blueprints our families and society put on us, it's like someone elses map has been overlayed on top of our own.


Because of this, we lose touch or numb out to our inner tools of navigation - intuition, insight, heart, empathy, feeling, litening...

These inner tools are like a muscles. If we don't use them they atrophy.


I have a gift of being able to see and hear your true soul map. I can feel when it is in alignement and when it isn't. I can help you access your map and start to strengthen your tools again. 


Soul Mapping can help you access the roadap that you came here with, for your best life. 


Partner with your divine blueprint! 



I will be like your inner world guide, using journaling, the wish deck, yoga and sound healing to help you access your inner world intelligence. 


Talking about issues only goes skin deep, but when you use images, music, and yoga, the right-brain opens the door to deeper levels of intuitive knowing. The image cards provide keys to an inner landscape of a situation, person, or line of questmage means to you personally, currents, flow of energies, and patterns emerge in response to your question.


I help you to pull out the pieces you need. What’s your missing piece? Let me help you find the answer. 


Some call me the soul whisperer.

Im the thing that you can’t put the finger on


Im the pulse of what needs to happen next


I can see what you can’t.

It’s my job to help you see it. 

See it to free it. 


I can help you to clear out old layer and beliefs and patterns of what you no longer need and help you step into your true power.




The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper ~ william yeats

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