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Art Series

** Prints of most artwork are available **

Contact me for information and pricing. 

Please request to see more pieces from any series.

Anchor 1
Inlakesh (I am another you)
oil on canvas
8" x 10" SOLD

"Elizabeth Nuti is a visionary artist whose intuitive grasp of the world of forms is expressed through a variety of creative media.

From her earliest years, Elizabeth's vision has been to express the magic of the mundane. It is the world's symbolic quality that she suggests in her work. The images guide the viewer into their own creative process, encouraging them to inquire beyond a conditioned response, peering into what lies beneath the surface.

Using symbols, characters and ordinary objects to tell a story, the surrealism in her work conveys a language of form and color that speaks through the brush depening our sense of the meaning of our experiences.

Her art illustrates a telling message that applies to life; when we go beyond our conditioned response and tap into the moment... all is magical."




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