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Who’s Playing?


Wish Deck can be used in a variety of ways and settings. ALL AGES can benefit from using these cards!


Wish Deck:

Connects you on a deeper level with yourself and others

Tunes you into your authentic voice

 Helps you develop more self-awareness and strengthens your intuition

Increases emotional intelligence

Acts as a guide for a life-mapping tool

Resolves conflicts and builds empathy

Helps you become a better communicator and listener


From the home, to the classroom, to your next social event,

Wish Deck is a convenient, portable conversation starter that travels with you anywhere.

Use it at the dinner table, with friends to give intuitive readings, as a life mapping tool, in a therapy session or traveling in the car.




Take out the deck around the dinner table to open up dialogue, in the car on a road trip, as a story starter for a fun activity or to enagage deeper conversations and communication.


Individuals & Friends

Wish Deck is perfect for daily journaling. Pick a card to tap into insight. Use it as a mapping tool for your life. Give each other intuitive readings.  



Wish Deck is an excellent resource in the classroom. Can be used to help teach creative writing, storytelling, interactive group activities.


Social Workers & Therapists

Because the cards have no words they are great for people of all ages and who speak any language. 


Social Emotional Learning

Wish Deck initiates thoughts and emotions. It can be a helpful tool for learning how to identify feelings, to learn effective communication and listening skills. Helps to develop social emotional learning skills and increases emotional intelligence. 


Bully Prevention Aid 

These colorful cards can help initiate feelings and help resolve conflict.


Host of a Party

Wish Deck is a great conversation starter and ice breaker.


To BUY A DECK, for more info or ways to play goto: 

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