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Wish Deck as a life mapping tool & for intuitive readings

Cards have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to gain insight, see patterns, give counsel and even predict the future. No one is exactly sure how cards work. One theory is that all things are connected and nothing happens by chance, and that Wish Deck, like the I Ching, is simply a method of revealing these workings of interconnectedness or synchronicity. All that really matters is that the cards work. 


Wish Deck has been illustrated with various characters and experiences common to most people. Either you been one of the people shown on a card or you could be. Either you've had an experience like one shown on a card, or you might have one. It will remind you of something you’ve seen, experienced or witnessed. 


And while Wish Deck cards always return relevant results, they are still only as good as the reader interpreting their meaning.


The following descriptions are the general interpretations of each card.


The operative word is general,

since it is key that you use your insight and intuition while interpreting the cards.

Allow the cards to speak to you.  


Please keep in mind there are no wrong answers. If you see something completely different than what’s suggested here, by all means go with it! Wish Deck was specifically designed for the purpose of open interpretation and exploration. 

BOOKLET of suggested card meanings COMING SOON!

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